Barry Weekley Art

The following paintings are available as prints, please see the gallery pages to view images:

	Frontal Attack
	Trouble Makers
	Beaufighters 604 SQ
	Jasta 40
	Jasta 5
	Remember Me
	Convoy Patrol
	Fokker Scourge
	Return To Ridgewell
	Treble One Scramble
	Red Section Scramble
	Scramble, 1940
	Brothers von Richthofen
	Red Barons Last Patrol
	Jasta 18
	Jasta 12 At Toulis
	Elephants Over Albert
	The Hunters
	Jasta 5 At Boistrancourt
	Black Flight
	Halcyon Days
	Salute To Croydon
	Back To Biggin
	Josef Jacobs
	The Night Shift
	A Pair Of Aces
	The Black Death
	The American Flying Circus
	Jasta Boelcke
	Here Comes Trouble
	Raiders Approach Gotha GIV Kagohl 3
	Operation Pedestal SM79
	S/LD Max Aitken 601 Squadron
	Its one of our boys! Sgt G "Sammy" Allard. 85 Squadron
	The Fighting Dolphins, 87 Squadron
	Spitfire, 41 Squadron, P/O G.H. 'Ben' Bennions
	Early Birds
	The Duel
	Destination Kenley
	The Eyes of the Fleet
	Morning Rendezvous
	Routine Patrol
	The Master
	Heavy Escort
	Surprise Attack
	Richthofen's Circus
	A Fast Lady
	Thanks Little Friends
	Night Owl
	Jasta 19
	Escorting the Beasts
	Winter Take Off
	Poland's Reply
	Victory over the giant
	First of the Heavies	
	Lightning Duo
	Ace Of Aces
	The Fatal Day
	Supporting The Front
	Werner Voss
	Desert Sharks
	Russian Ace
	British Ace
	Balloon Bursting
	Dolphin Aces
	Jasta 11
	Jasta 16b
	Fighting Camels
	High Patrol
	Burma Hurricanes
	Ops are on
	Mother of them all
	Scramble from Croydon
	The Fighting Cocks
	Submarine Patrol
	Above the Salient
	DH 5
	Tactical Air Force
	Maximum Effort
	Biggin Hill Scramble
	Blenheim, 600 Sqn
	Front Line Patrol
	Friday 13th
	Croydon Dispersal
	First and Last of the Many
	French Ace
	Sting Of The Hornet
	Whispering Death
	The Duxford Wing
	American Ace
	Albert Ball VC
	Jasta Leader
	Lightning Escort
	Eagles of the 4th
	Flying Visit
	Raider of Amiens
	Normandy Foothold
	Burma Liberators
	Sopwith Baby
	Belgian Ace
	Return Journey
	Soviet Ace
	Defensive Action
	Hostile Sky
	Welsh Ace
	Italian Ace
	The Early Days
	The Mainstay
	Les Cigognes
	Zepp Menace
	Malta Beaufort
	Support For Russia
	After the Hostilities
	Wild Mustangs
	A Welcome Escort
	Burma Vengeance
	The Harry Tate
	Battle Against the Odds
	The Avengers
	Furies in Korea
	The Black Sheep
	Eagle of Lille
	Spanish Ace
	The First Attack
	The Last Chance
	The Veterans
	Vulcan XH558
	Mannock VC
	Grumman F3F-2
	Polish Offensive
	The Millionaires
	Malayan Hornets
	Barker VC
	The Checkertails
	Eurofighter Typhoon
	Tribute Flight
	South African Ace
	Night Prowler
	The Blue Nose Boys
	Fast and Low
	Advanced Strike Force
	A Distant Summer
	Jasta 11 at Roucourt
	The White Tails
	Fight for the Emperor
	Tribute Flight
	Ground Attack
	Beach-Head Patrol
	Kiwi Ace
	Last Fight of Albert Ball
	The Legend
	Over The Target
	Not Cricket
	Biggin Hill Wing	
	The End for L32
	Dogrose Squadron
	North Weald Scramble
	Javelin Duo
	Raw Power
	A Kenley Warrior
	Attack On Kenley
	Big Hairy Bird
	Tiger Hunters
	Soviet Escort Duty
	Big Delta
	Combat over Orsett
	Chartwell and the Spirit
	Into the Fray
	Morning Skirmish
	The Guardians
	Scramble from Hornchurch 222 Sqn
	The Ringmaster
	The Wickford Gotha
	Moonlight Rendezvous
	Wing Leader
	Combined Patrol
	Canberra Force
	Dawn Surprise
	Desert Ace
	Goodwin Sands Dornier
	Gloster Meteors
	Helmut Wick
	Jasta 19 Duo
	Jasta 13 Ace
	Local Sight-Seeing 1940
	Night Predator
	Ritter von Greim
	Tangmere Scramble
	The Luqa Wing
	The Precision Boys
	Tiger Tails in Trouble
	The Zodiac Squadron
	Universal Trainer
	Dostler's Demise
	A Legend over Lincoln
	Ghosts of Ypres
	Guest Appearance
	Clash at Dawn
	A Family Visit
	Seven Swabians
	Back Room Boys
	A Brief Respite.
	A Legend over Leeds.
	A wing and a Prayer.
	The Wattenden at War.
	Victory Street Party.
	Kenley Scramble.
	Scramble from Kenley.
	Scramble from Biggin.
	Gamecock over the Palace.
	Southend Sideshow.
	Disturbing the Peace.
	Zeppelin Cup Final.
	Jasta 30.
	Masters of Surprise.
	Jasta 17.
	Chinooks over Westbury.
	Combined Effort.
	The Support Team.


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